Social & Self-Sufficiency Support

Circle - Emotion Check-In

During each session we have Circle. We sit in a circular formation, if space permits, and voluntarily vent by expressing our feelings, challenges, and/or achievements.

Virtual/In-Person Session

  • Self Care Workshops
  • Healthy Meal Prep Demos
  • Presentations
  • Training
  • Crafting Sessions

Resume Assistance

  • We create Resumes
  • We provide 4 hard copies
  • We provide 1 E copy
  • We update Resumes

Community Outreach

  • We facilitate sessions and workshops at shelters, schools, community centers, and more.

  • We donate clothing, shoes, feminine products upon availability to people in the community. 

  • We also provide FREE Inspirational Raffle drawings,

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneur Basic Resources

  • Entrepreneur Guest Speakers

  • Discounted NYS Inc/LLC filings

  • Entrepreneur Start-up Connection

Credit Awareness

  • Credit Awareness Workshops

  • Credit Building Resources

  • Direct Link Credit Services

  • Credit Report Access