Social & Self-Sufficiency Support

Circle- Emotional 


During each session we have Circle. We sit in a circular formation, if space permits and voluntarily vent by expressing our feelings, challenges, and/or achievements.

Virtual/ In Person 


  • Self Care Workshops
  • Healthy Meal Prep Demos
  • Presentations
  • Trainings
  • Crafting Sessions

Resume Assistance

  • We create Resumes
  • We print them
  • We provide 4 copies
  • We provide an E copy
  • We update Resumes

Community Outreach

Butterflies are dedicated to Community Outreach. We facilitate sessions and workshops at shelters, schools, community centers, and more. We also provide FREE Inspirational Raffle drawings, meals or refreshments when possible during sessions. Additionally, we donate clothing, shoes, feminine products upon availability to people in the community. 

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneur Basic Resources
  • Entrepreneur Start-up Connection
  • Discounted NYS Inc/LLC filings
  • Entrepreneur Guest Speakers

Credit Awareness 

  • Credit  Workshops
  • Credit Report access assistance
  • Credit direct link services
  • Credit building resources