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Social & Self-Sufficiency Support


Gen Z Hub is an initiative to assist Gen Z young women; ages ranges from 14 - 21 Years old with building personal and social skills, friendships, as well as develop basic living financial literacy skills. The program will be held bi-weekly, at no cost to the participants; space is limited. The participants have to been enrolled in school to apply. Any participants under the age of 18 years of age must get consent from their parent or guardian before enrolling in the program. 

The Gen Z Hub will consist of self awareness sessions, direct referral services, workshops, community engagement, hands on crafting, trainings, field trips, mock interviews, and more.


Self Awareness

The participants are inspired to understand their needs, identify their talents and skills. Also, they are encouraged to set specific realistic goals; so they can in fact achieve one goal at a time.

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Basic Daily Living / Organizational Skill Building

We encourage the Gen Zers to foster supportive exchange from Gen Z to Gen Z. Additionally, participants are taught daily living skills to help decrease dependency upon others, promote personal dignity and enhance their physical and social wellbeing.

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Banking for Beginners

Participants will gain a money experience by learning to adapt with the modern financial way of life.

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Resume Writing

We assist with Resume writing and modification; to increase job opportunities for our participants.

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Basic Cooking 

Our basic cooking class will teach our Gen Zers to learn about nutrition and how to eat healthy. Also, they'll learn how to prevent food contamination, hands on cooking and more.

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Drivers Permit/ License


We encourage Gen Zers to work towards take the necessary steps towards becoming a license driver, which can be a stepping stone towards self sufficiency

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Financial Literacy/ Credit Awareness

Participants will gain knowledge of financial concepts and principles. We promote a better understanding of what CREDIT is and how it works.

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Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Participants will learn how to turn their hobby into a business an affordable way. 

Partnered with Entrepreneurs Direct Link

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